The Capitol Music Hall - 1993
I decorated the 2nd floor windows for Christmas for 9 years
when I worked for WWVA as their Engineer.                                                           Wesbanco's Bridge

   When I worked for WWVA I had to take some broadcast equipment to Harrisburg PA (we engineers like to swap broadcast equipment like its a Tradio program) and we got phone calls when people saw the van in front of the CMH as I was loading the trailer up and they were asking if we were moving out of Wheeling,
 By looking at the picture you could see why, This picture is from 1994

Here is a blast from the past, the Downtowner (this pic is from the 1980's)

For those who moved away from Wheeling, can you guess what business this was? (answer on History page)

A look up Market Street (July 2013)